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Classes You Will Receive...

Combat Your Fat - Pure Cardio

This is a cardio-based workout designed to keep you moving for 30 minutes and burn those calories! Low-impact options are available so this workout is suitable for all fitness levels
Carlie keeps it high-energy and supportive the whole way through!

Value (£4.99)

Legs, Bums And Tums

An intense 25-minute workout focusing on firing up the legs, glutes, abs and waist to not only give you shape but strength. 
Carlie includes a warm up during this class and recommends it for all fitness levels.

Value (£4.99)

Yoga or Pilates

We understand that not every kind of workout will suit every kind of body. So, on one of the challenge days, we offer either a yoga or pilates class depending on how you are feeling. Jade is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and invites all levels of fitness to join her classes.

Value (£4.99)

Low Impact Cardio Tone

A low-impact mix of cardiovascular and body toning work. Designed to keep you moving and burn calories at the same time as working to strengthen and tone the muscles. It is low-impact but will still work hard even with the fitness of challengers!

Value (£4.99)

Kage Barre

This low-impact, high-intensity, ballet-based workout is designed to sculpt all the muscles in the body. Kage believes in not only feeling good physically but mentally and emotionally, so his classes are always fun and upbeat as well as challenging to make you sweat it out!

Value (£4.99)

Aerobic Burn

These classes originate from a whole programme dedicated to helping you burn calories, shed pounds and tone the entire body! Carlie guides you through a non-stop aerobics routine which challenges coordination, balance and cardiovascular fitness. 

Value (£4.99)


Connect your breath to body here with Jamie’s Beditation classes designed to free your mind from distraction and send you into a deep and restful sleep. These meditations are the perfect way to end your week after a hard life/work schedule. 

Value (£4.99)

28 Day Meal Plan

To boost your wellness even further, you'll also have access to our brand new, nutritional meal plan designed by professional Dietician, Maxine Palmer.

Value (£49.99)

What Other Challengers Say...

Thank you Austin and Carlie for your excellent workouts I have enjoyed doing them, I also.enjoyed the virtual walks too! Honestly this is the motivation I needed , with so much good advice too..I really am looking forward to the Fit club ..bring it on! 👏👏💖💖
Maria Harris
Thank you very much Austin and Carlie for the amazing 4 weeks of classes and energy and lots of motivation! I have really enjoyed combat your the fat challenge group! Thanks so much again! 👍😊💪🏋🏻‍♂️ 😀
Uday Tanna
Really enjoyed this challenge thank you Austin and Carlie for helping me back into exercising regularly 🙏
Debbie Cunningham
Great experience. Loved every moment of this journey. Carlie & Austin were fab. Retrained my mind & body to be active again and my motivation and determination to get into shape has returned. Thankyou again Carlie & Austin 👏🏽👏🏽
Joyce Thomas
The instructors are amazing, really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I liked the variety of classes too as there’s something for everyone. Thank you
Melody Dark
Completed free February challenge with Austin and Carlie via InstructorLive. This introduced me to InstructorLive and all the classes on offer. Thank you for all the clear and professional classes everyone!
Wendy Dumper

What To Expect During The 28-Day Challenge?

Throughout the 28 days, Carlie and our InstructorLive trainers will take you on a journey designed to QUENCH YOUR THIRST for fitness - SWEATING OUT the dregs of 2022
 to make way for a NEW YEAR and NEW YOU!

👉 By signing up TODAY you are saying YES to these incredible BENEFITS to your physical and mental wellbeing:

  •  A health and fitness-focused schedule to help you shake off the 2022 cobwebs.
  • Weekly timetables to keep you inspired and stimulated
  • 20 FREE on-demand workouts
  • 4 Beditation videos to help you support your mind at the end of a busy week
  • ​ACCESS to health-based talks, blogs, tips and recipes 
  • ​Nutritional advice
  • Personal support from our InstructorLive team
  • ​The challenge to keep up and keep going! 

So, Here Is How The Challenge Works...

👉 Firstly - It's COMPLETELY FREE To Join 👈

All content, on-demand classes, recipes and tips are totally FREE to access. So whether you are an unlimited subscriber, one programme user or have never used InstructorLive before, you will have access to ALL the challenge has to offer

Who Is It For?

👉 ALL ages and fitness levels

👉 Anyone looking to KICKSTART their new year with NEW HEALTHIER HABITS

👉 Anyone wanting to PUSH THEMSELVES to the next fitness level 

👉 Anyone wanting to LOSE weight and GAIN tone and IMPROVE overall wellbeing

Why Now?

If you want to take the NEXT STEP towards your fitness and LOSE WEIGHT on the way, then THIS IS the place for YOU.

Here are MORE reasons to get on board and join Carlie in this action-packed challenge:  

  •  28-day fitness programme & classes completely FREE
  • Take accountability for your health and fitness
  • Create NEW habits towards health & fitness
  • Commit to achieving your goals 
  • ​Access to our InstructorLive expert advice and support throughout

Next Steps...

1. Once you have decided to ACCEPT the challenge, signing up with your email address. This is completely FREE and no card details will be taken.

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