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by Austin Wilks

Throughout the 28 days I’ll be taking you on a journey designed to QUENCH your thirst for fitness, help you SWEAT it out and LOSE a few pounds in the process!
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Registration Ends January 30th At 12AM!

Join The Challenge Now For Free

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Do you feel like your fitness has improved somewhat, but you are starting to notice a plateau?
Are you maintaining a steady level of fitness but feel like an extra push is needed to get to where you WANT to be?
Would you like to improve on your accountability and become part of a group to help encourage and motivate?
Would you like to try something different by following a NEW schedule and adding a change of pace to your routine?
Would you like to have exclusive access to a brand new programme and have access to LIVE classes?
Would you like to TALK to our professionals and gain advice about your progress
If you have selected ANY of the boxes above, we want you to come and be part of the movement! It’s not always EASY to push yourself to the next level, but with a schedule, guidance and full support from Austin and fellow challengers - 

This is how it works...

All content available, all LIVE classes and talks are totally FREE to access. So whether you are subscribed to the Unlimited Programme Plan, to ONE programme only or you are just NEW to InstructorLive, you will still have access to ALL the classes and ALL the content we share with you. 

What to expect during the 28-Day challenge?

Throughout the 28 days, Austin will take you on a journey designed to QUENCH your thirst for fitness, help you SWEAT it out and LOSE a few pounds in the process! This challenge is perfect for those wanting to push themselves a little bit further into their health and fitness journey but don’t be fooled by the name. It isn’t just about looking good; it’s about FEELING good too. 

Being part of the challenge like this can be beneficial for BOTH physical and mental wellbeing
So whatever your reason for joining, just make sure you get involved!
  • A health and fitness focused schedule to help you shake off the 2020 cobwebs
  • Different weekly timetables to keep you inspired and stimulated
  • Weekly LIVE classes
  • ​Exclusive access to brand NEW fitness classes, including Pilates, HIIT and Aerobics
  • Q&A sessions with Austin Wilks and other industry professionals
  • ​Virtual group walk-along activities
  • Nutritional advice 
  • ​Weekly video check-ins with fitness expert Austin Wilks
  • ​Be part of a community
  • ​Personal support by fitness expert Austin Wilks
  • ​The challenge to keep up and keep going! 

Where is the challenge taking place?

All participants will be invited to join the private Facebook Group which hosts ‘Combat Your Fat.’ From here you’ll be able to access all LIVE classes and other related content during the event. You’ll also be able to ENGAGE with not only fitness industry experts and guests who are involved, but each other too. 
  • Via private Facebook Group
  • Via email
  • ​The activities may involve outdoor walks
  • ​In your home 
P.S. If you do not have a Facebook account then DO NOT PANIC - we’ve got you covered! Any LIVE material shared via Facebook will be sent to you via email, so you can still participate. 

Who is it for?

👉  Whether you’re a full InstructorLive subscriber, only follow one of our programmes or this is the first time you have heard about us, it doesn’t matter! This is an open invitation for ANYONE to join and it's completely FREE.
👉  This challenge is for those interested in PUSHING themselves to the next level of their fitness. So that includes YOU!
👉  This challenge has been designed to fit every fitness level, so the exercises will be adaptable to beginners, intermediate and more advanced level.
👉  Our InstructorLive trainer, Austin Wilks, will be your leading COACH during the next 28 days to help you keep accountable, answer your questions and keep your motivation levels HIGH.

Why now?

If you want to take the next step towards your fitness and lose weight on the way, then THIS IS the place for YOU.
Here are MORE reasons to get onboard and join Austin WILKS in this action-packed event:

  •  28-day fitness programme & classes completely FREE
  • Add an extra layer of accountability to your fitness routine
  • Achieve your goals through commitment 
  • ​Enjoy the sense of community and support throughout

Next steps...

Once you have decided to accept the challenge, we will then send confirmation via email. Follow the link provided in the email and request to join ‘Combat Your Fat’ private Facebook group. Once accepted into the Facebook group, you would be part of the challenge. It’s as simple as that! 
1. Click 'Join The Challenge Now'
2. Receive confirmation email
3. Facebook group request
4. Pop on the schedule on the fridge
5. Enjoy!