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The Workouts You Need, The Nutrition You Need... Your Health Fitness Goal Is Going To Start Realising From Today
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After The Great Success Of The Combat Your Fat 28-Day Challenge... 

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Would you like to be MORE ACTIVE and IMPROVE your HEALTH FITNESS?

 Are you keen to BRIDGE THE GAP between where you are and where you want to be?

Would you like to gain access to NEW WORKOUTS and a MEAL PLAN to help you get fit and LOSE WEIGHT over the next 8 weeks and beyond

Do you want to see quicker results by following a plan designed to BURN CALORIES, BUILD MUSCLE and SHRED excess weight?

Would you like to be part of a FANTASTIC fitness platform dedicated to helping you FEEL AMAZING and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS no matter what your fitness level?

Did you ENJOY our COMBAT YOUR FAT 28-DAY CHALLENGE, and are you looking for new classes to keep you engaged?

If you have selected ANY of the boxes above, we invite you to take a look at our BRAND NEW Combat Your Fat 8-Week Programme

💪 It’s not always easy to push yourself to the next level, but with a schedule, guidance and support from fitness professionals - you will be ABLE to do it!

💪 This is the PERFECT opportunity to really TAKE ACTION and discover the strongest YOU.

So, Here Is How The Programme Works...

For £7.99 per month, you will get an 8-WEEK progressive exercise programme designed to lose weight and improve your fitness. 

The Programme schedule is broken down into 4 phases. These 4 phases consist of 4 DIFFERENT WORKOUTS, including aerobics, HIIT, toning and pure cardio. 

Each phase builds in difficulty. This allows your body to build strength and stamina steadily, helping you maintain your motivation and progress during the eight weeks and beyond

Included in this programme is an interchangeable low-calorie meal plan designed by Dietician, Maxine Palmer, allowing you the flexibility to design your own week by week basis. 

There are 40 different meals to choose from, and ALL meals are LOW CALORIE, HIGH FIBRE, PROTEIN, and EASY to cook.

What To Expect During The 
8-Week Programme?

Throughout the 8 WEEKS, Carlie and Austin will take you on a journey designed to QUENCH YOUR THIRST for fitness, helping you to SWEAT IT OUT and COMBAT THAT FAT

This programme is perfect for those who want to push themselves a little further into their health and fitness journey and would like to shred away excess pounds.

👇 Whatever your reason for signing up, some the BENEFITS include...

  •  An 8-week health and fitness-focused schedule
  •  A mixture of class styles to keep you inspired and stimulated
  •  16 on-demand workouts to complete at a time that suits you
  • ​Walking challenges to help you BURN CALORIES 
  • Personal support via email by fitness experts Austin Wilks & Carlie Milner
  • ​Access to LOW-CALORIE meal plan including vegetarian options 
  • ​The challenge to keep up and keep going! 

Where Is The Programme 
Taking Place?

  • ​InstructorLive platform
  • The activities may involve outdoor walks
  • In your home
  • ​If extra support is needed it will be provided via email

Who Is It For?

👉 This programme is perfect for those who want to go INTO a fitness rhythm, LOSE weight and EXPLORE what following a fitness plan can do for you.

👉 This programme is for those interested in PUSHING themselves to the next level of their fitness. So that includes YOU!

👉 This programme has been designed to fit every fitness level, so the exercises will be adaptable to beginners, intermediate and more advanced level.

👉 Our InstructorLive trainers, Austin Wilks & Carlie Milner, will be your COACHES during the next 8 weeks to help you keep accountable, answer your questions and keep you motivated.

When Is It Happening?

You can purchase the programme whenever you like, and you can start whenever you feel ready to start! There are 8 weeks of workouts to get through, and you can create your own meal plan using the 40 meals provided! 

💥 Once you start, try to keep going 💥

Why Now?

If you want to take the NEXT STEP towards your fitness and LOSE WEIGHT on the way, then THIS IS the place for YOU.  ‘COMBAT YOUR FAT’ exists for this very reason. 

Here are MORE reasons to get on board and join Carlie & Austin in this action-packed challenge:

  •  8-week fitness programme & meal plan to help you REACH your HEALTH GOAL
  • Add an extra layer of accountability to your fitness routine
  • Create NEW habits towards health & fitness
  • Achieve your goals through commitment
  • ​Access to our fitness expert support throughout

Still A Little Unsure?

👉 Sign up to our 7-Day Reboot Challenge

This challenge gives you a taste of what you can expect from our ‘Combat Your Fat 8-Week Programme’. You’ll receive a plan of workouts and recipes to keep you on your toes, reboot and re-energise your system in just seven days!! 

It’s FREE to join, and you can start the very next day!!!