Are you looking to Improve the mental & Physical Wellbeing of your Staff?
 Back, neck and muscle pain is the second largest single cause of sickness absence in the UK.*
27.8m working days per year are lost in the UK due to physical problems.*
 42% of employees felt their condition affected their work negatively.*
 Workplace self-reported injuries and ill health costed £16.2 billion in 2019.*
*1.Department for Work and Pensions (2015) Health and wellbeing at work: survey of employees.
*2.Office for National Statistics (2018) Sickness absence in the UK labour market.
*3.Department for Work and Pensions (2015) Health and wellbeing at work: survey of employees. 
*4.Health and Safety Executive 2018/19 - Costs to Great Britain of workplace injuries and new cases of work-related Ill Health.
Transform your workplace with InstructorLive. 
Get your staff active & healthy from £3 per employee/per year and see an immediate improvement in staff productivity, morale, and health.

InstructorLive Offers...

  • Over 800 online NHS-approved workouts
  • ​Workouts for all needs and levels
  • On demand classes to help your staff create their own fitness schedule
  • ​​Access to fitness challenges
  • ​Support from fitness experts
  • ​Classes as short as 10 minutes to make sure everyone has time to be active
  • Access to meal plans
  • ​Release of new workouts every month
  • ​and much more!

What Other Businesses Say...

"We are delighted to offer InstructorLive to our employees, especially in these times. With our focus being on the mental and physical health of our people, we are pleased to have had over 600 employees access the platform. There are a wide range of programmes available that are suitable to everyone, whether they are beginning or advanced in their fitness and lifestyle journey."

Shenara J Jarrett - Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing Assistant Manager, Grant Thornton UK LLP

"We have worked with InstructorLive for a number of years, but this year worked with Austin to provide a fresh offer to our Partners (staff). From when we launched the offer we saw immediate and sustained demand, selling out of our original quota in a matter of days! The service has resonated with people not only because of the amazing classes and trainers, but because it can be accessed on any device, at any time without the need for big gym equipment. This really suits our workforce as we have an operation that works 24/7, 365 days a year!"

Stacey MacDougall - Partner & Development Manager, John Lewis Partnerships 

"We as a County Council are really grateful for you making your service accessible during this strange and ever-changing time. The variety of workouts available is fantastic and ensures that it's accessible for all, whether you're one of these people who is actually missing the gym, or you just want some gentle exercises to do from your workspace. I hope that the staff who have signed up have made good use out of it, and feel like it has benefited their health and wellbeing."

Alice Edwards - Senior Wellbeing Officer, Warwickshire County Council

"In a few short months, we now have 200 of our Police Officers and Staff using InstructorLive and we continue to receive extremely positive feedback from our employees, telling us about the positive impact using the service has had on both their physical and mental health
It’s been a real asset to our employees during the pandemic and the various lockdowns we’ve all been through.
We plan to continue offering InstructorLive for the foreseeable future and can highly recommend the platform to both individuals and other organisations looking to add to their employee wellbeing offer."

Steve Marsh - Wellbeing Manager, Wiltshire Police

"We are delighted to offer InstructorLive to our employees to help them to stay fit at home during these unprecedented times"

Maxine Mould - Human resources Develop manager, Waterstones

"InstructorLive’s online gym passes have been really popular with our colleagues as they provide so much flexibility to fit around a busy schedule and changing shift patterns. The wide variety of classes available means that there will be a course to interest everyone, whatever your ability or reason for wanting to improve your fitness levels."

Francesca Hepplewhite - Wellbeing Coordinator, Norfolk & Suffolk Constabulary  

Some Of Our Workouts...

Get Your Staff Active & Healthy from £3 per employee/per year
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